SHIREEN SOLIMAN: Artist Statement


Shireen Soliman is an artist, designer, educator and community leader living in New York City.  In her art, the beautification and dramatization of the female form, cross-culturally and throughout history have been her lifelong passion, driven by her own cultural heritage.
Fashion as the ultimate expression of identity, surface design-including body art such as Mehendi (henna, gems) and the use of Pattern and Embellishment have all been the cornerstone of her artistic journey. Shireen has dedicated many years to exploring these themes through the lens of a fashion and textile artist. She is equally comfortable with traditional fine art techniques as well as digital media and has most recently fallen in love with iPad illustration. Merging her traditional skills with these newer digital forms gives Shireen the fullest expression of her vision.
Shireen's illustrations and prints can be also found on Broadwater Media Group ( for sale as Limited Edition Prints or Printed Media (Notecards, Posters, etc)
Shireen continues to seek creative collaborations which allow her unique point of view on culture, fashion, identity and design to intersect.
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